National Education Foundation

Zeta – National Education Foundation

ZNEFThe principle activities and purpose of the trust are to award scholarship grants to worthy students for the pursuit of higher education; to conduct community educational programs which will aid in the educational and vocational improvement in individual and community living standards; to Z-N.E.F.engage in activities which will aid in the educational development of all women; and to engage in any appropriate research related to the purposes of the Foundation Scholarship.

As leaders in academia, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority’s National Educational Foundation was the first Greek letter organization to address this issue of concern. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority has undertaken the responsibility to serve as a link between the scientific community and the general population-the people whom our local chapters serve in their communities.

The Sorority believes that there is a continuing need to disseminate this information to minority communities about the Human Genome Project and the status of minorities within this health research, as well as provide an appreciation of the societal implications for the knowledge gained from this research.

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